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Inspire along the way!

Who We Are

We are 2 friends and female entrepreneurs.

 After working for ourselves for many years and enduring many struggles, we embraced our vision to empower ourselves and others by coming together to build a community of other like minded women.

 It took us a while to realize what is at the core of who we are and what our real purpose is.

 We came to the conclusion that our true passion lies in connecting with others that inspire us.  Our goal is to share that inspiration with others.

Vision & Mission Statement


Our VISION is to be connected to other inspiring females as well as share what we know and have learned over the years. The goal is for us all to find success in doing what we love and fulfill our passions and dreams.

Our MISSION is to host a unique collaboration of creative and inspiring women who empower each other to follow their path and realize their dreams. We will do this by sharing stories, struggles, valuable insight, wisdom & life experiences!

We will offer our personal brand of guidance and humor, tips on healthy living and creative transformation, as well as advice for inner healing. 

We are passionate about helping to break down the emotional barriers that may hold us back from exploring our true path. As well as creative solutions for the soul of the entire woman.

We hope to inspire you!

check out our FlowPage link here

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