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Who We Are

We are 2 friends and female entrepreneurs.

 After working for ourselves for many years and enduring many struggles, we embraced our vision to empower ourselves and others by coming together to build a community of other like minded women.

 It took us a while to realize what is at the core of who we are and what our real purpose is.

 We came to the conclusion that our true passion lies in connecting with others that inspire us.  Our goal is to share that inspiration with others.


gigi goat.jpg

Sign - Leo

Quote - "Trust the Universe" 

Spirit animal - Stagg, sometimes a Goat

Happy place - A lakeside cabin in the mountains.


I love sharing, networking, talking & questioning!


I am a fan of beauty and wellness products & lifestyle as well as all things creative and transformative.

I'm into ideas and concepts about all kinds of things metaphysical & spiritual and especially align with earth based religion.


I am a mother to 2 teenage boys and I also put a good part of my focus on being an Autism advocate for my older son.

I also love working with my other son and his acting career. I have done hair, costuming and have been a part of many events and stage productions.


I am someone who has struggled with ADHD and Dyslexia as long as I can remember and have been around addiction most of my life.


Needless to say I have really had to learn to take care of my health and well being. I have also learned to know when to slow down even when I don’t want to!


I have come to realize how I love to help and empower others, especially those on similar journeys who have been through and care about similar things.


As a female entrepreneur, I am very aligned with the struggles and joys of this endeavor and my it is my desire to spotlight other women who work hard to bring their creative passions to life!

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Sign - Sagittarius

Quote - "If you think you can or think you cant you are right!" 

Spirit animal - Butterfly, sometimes a Lion

Happy Place - Disneyland & the ocean

I am an old soul with a young heart…. 

Creativity & performing have been in my life since birth. As a teenager I was on 2 daily dance shows “Philadelphia’s Dancin on Air” & national “Dance Party USA”

I have been teaching dance & fitness classes since I was 16. My longest job was performing as a Madonna Impersonator!

Throughout the craziness of my life as an entertainer and teacher, my one vice has always been yoga. I found myself open to the healing that yoga brings. I knew I had to share with others all the gifts that it had blessed my life with. I continue to be the eternal student.

 I hold many Yoga certifications and have done many trainings as well as taught trainings, classes, workshops, and retreats. I continue to teach classes and privates. Along with teaching yoga I am a health & wellness coach!

I also started a home bakery at where I make all kinds of homemade treat!

I believe anything you can dream of can be a reality. I believe in visualization, meditation, journaling, affirmations, having a strong morning routine & living a healthy holistic life style. Always choose LOVE!

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