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Honoring Mother’s Day Without Mom

Honoring Mother’s Day without Mom

Name & Moms name: Cerlette Lamme & Haji Catton

When did you lose your mom?

It's Going on 7 years since she's been gone, and it still feels like yesterday. I don't think you get over that kind of loss. At times I catch myself needing and wanting to talk to her. There's just that emptiness that never goes away. I miss her every day.

Tell us a little bit about your mom?

A sixties wild child, that's who raised me. Free spirited and an absolutely gorgeous woman who'd dabbled in acting. She went on as a Russ Myers girl, in "Faster Pussycat, kill, kill" & had two books written about her. She was a pure survivor, with a great sense of humor. She chased her dreams to the very end. I learned a lot about empathy, compassion through her. She dedicated most of her life rescuing animals. She loved nature and taught me the importance of taking care of it .Even through the difficult times we shared, I learned to stand on my own, to be a strong woman and be true to my own visions because of her. She left us too soon; she still had many more dreams to chase.

Favorite memory of your mom?

That's a hard One..

My mom had a habit when I was a kid taking me to, shows, concerts and those sort of things . So Ice Capades was in town, I was about eight and it was my dream to skate for them. She surprised me one night and said we were going. Yep, standing in line with my mom laughing, I was so excited when my mom leans in and says "OK" "Now when we get up to the ticket guy, just stand behind me, don't say anything, cause we don't have tickets. I freaked out, I was so embarrassed, but before I could express my feelings, we were being led to our seats. Honest to God, don't know how she did it, "did I mention she was beautiful and young?" it was such a fun night, just her and I laughing and soaking up the entertainment. The best thing about my mom was hanging out with her. So many fond memories.

What helps you get thru each day?

Every day is different. Some worse than others. Although my mom would have wanted me to be happy, enjoying every moment this life has to offer. I have a beautiful family that I lean on & Memories to remind me of our life together. We keep her close by cooking her favorite recipes and tell crazy stories that never end. And, Sometimes, I just chat with her in the night..

How has your mom inspired you?

My mom lived a very adventurous life. She inspired me to do the same.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to those who still have their moms today?

Enjoy the moments you have together. You'll never realize how much you’re going to miss them, until they aren't there. I miss my phone calls, I miss her voice, her advice and all the silly adventures we went on. Hug them every day..

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