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Honoring Mothers Day Without Mom

Honoring Mothers Day without Mom

Name & Moms name: Sandi Commisso Martinez &

Judy Commisso

When did you lose your mom?

April 13, 2021. Five days before her 75th. Suddenly.

Tell us a little bit about your mom?

My mom was joyful. She was kind and loved her family and husband. She was married to my Father for 58 years. She was the love of my life and my best friend... She always had a smile on her face; kind words of support and a home cooked meal … she was a second mother to my closest friends.

Favorite memory of your mom?

I have so many wonderful and funny memories of my Mother. Too many to even think of a favorite. But, my mom would drive me and my friend anywhere and everywhere . My senior prom she even dressed up like a limo driver and drove me and my boyfriend. She would do anything for me.

What helps you get thru each day?

Each day I wake up and try to concentrate on just that day. It’s easier that way. I know she isn’t suffering and I know that if there truly is a heaven she’s there with her own family and mother that she missed so much.

How has your mom inspired you?

She inspired me to see the glass half-full. Always.

She would always tell me that God has a plan. When he closes a window he opens a door. Don’t stay too long though looking at the closed window.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to those who still have their moms today?

Please always make time for your Mom. Be patient. Let her tell you all her stories even if you heard them 100 times before. She won’t always be here.

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