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Honoring Mothers Day Without Mom

Honoring Mothers Day without Mom

Name & Moms name:

Annette Pizzo-McGill & Patti Mannino Pizzo Martorello

When did you lose your mom?

April 12, 2017, Gone too soon!

Tell us a little bit about your mom?

My mom was the best! Everyone loved her. She was a loving mom, an artist, kind, caring, funny, & so full of life! She lived in the moment & enjoyed life! She was mom to many of my friends. She always had an ear to listen & was very intuitive. I miss my mom & everything about her everyday. There are still times I go to call her to tell her something & have to take a moment!

Favorite memory of your mom?

There are so many memories with my mom. A favorite is, Our family trips to Wildwood, NJ every summer, her favorite place. She loved the beach & so do I! I feel very connected to her when I am there. We still go every summer. Our last family trip to Disney World with my brother before he passed is another great memory & of course my mom walking me down the aisle at my wedding. She had brain surgery 2 weeks before & got on a flight cross country to be there.

What helps you get thru each day?

Knowing my mom isn't in pain anymore & would want us to go on & LIVE LIFE. I do yoga, meditations, live in gratitude, & talk to my mom when I need to. I feel she is always close by.

How has your mom inspired you?

My mom always told me I could do whatever I wanted. She was very talented & creative & that is where I get my creativity. She inspired me to pursue my dream of being a performer & I did that for most of my life! She lived life her way & allowed us to grow & live our way too!

What is one piece of advice that you would give to those who still have their moms today?

Spend time with your mom, call her daily, visit as much as you can. Tell her how important she is. Listen to all she has to tell you because one day you will see your mom was right! I would give anything to have another moment with my mom! My mom was & will always be the best person I ever had in my life! Cherish your mom!

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