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Meet: Maria DeRosa

Where is your Hometown? Rancho Mirage, California

Favorite movie/song/book?

Movie; West Side Story ( I was just turning 16 when it came out on my birthday.. Christmas)

Song; Faith Hill, Dance

Book; Louise L Hay, You Can Heal Your Life

What’s your sign? Capricorn (born on Christmas day, I will be 70 this year…yah me!)

Favorite place on earth? I have 2 - - Italy & Bora Bora

What inspires you?

Anything that I can create for the first time in the kitchen and the dish turns out delicious.


Hi! I'm Maria! I'm a cooking connoisseur, a health maven, and I create healing mealtime moments. I gather people around the table for experiences where we cook, heal, eat, and repeat. I have created a community around food for the mind, body and soul.

I started my career out as a bilingual teacher which led in beautifully as a restauranteur and chef (as well as a restaurant advisor) . I have participated in many experiences that combine cooking with healing and cooking to heal, including my work at Pacific Clinic for foster children stepping into adulthood with no direction. Teaching them to experience cooking in this way fed them, and healed their hearts to a better outlook of life.

I am not just a cook or just a foodie, I work in that small space where cooking and healing work together to heal wounds.

I am the lady of the kitchen who is a healer of hearts. I do this using my biggest gift, the art of cooking.



Facebook @MariaDeRosa

Instagram @lotkhealingtheheart

FB group : @ladiesofthekitchen

You Tube Desert Life with Maria

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