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Meet: Shay Sayani

Where is your Hometown? Kenya (East Africa) was partially my hometown until I was 10 years old, then Valencia, CA

Favorite movie/song/book? I do not have a favorite, as they change with my life. I have a challenging time watching movies or shows I have already seen before, therefore my favorite is probably something I have yet to see, hear or read.

What’s your sign? Capricorn

Favorite place on earth? Right now, my home or in my garden.

What inspires you? Nature, people, life, breath, beauty in stillness, treasures in every moment.


Shay has dedicated her life to helping others discover and live up to their genius potential. Her holistic approach helps her clients bring more awareness, success, balance, and joy into everything they do. She helps individuals become the best versions of themselves.

Shay graduated from University of California Irvine in 2002 with bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology. She then earned her master’s degree in Education and credential in teaching from Chapman University. Shay is also a certified Innerlight Energy Balancing Healing Practitioner, Free and Independent Shinpiden Reiki Master, Teacher, and Yoga Works 500hr Certified Instructor.

Shay has unique healing abilities passed down from her Eastern Indian grandmother who taught her the ancient family healing techniques. She is well versed in Eastern Indian healing.

Shay founded Holistic Learning Solutions in 2014 where she shares her expertise and skills in healing modalities to educate people on holistic living, creating balanced lives & enables them to thrive on all levels. Shay's passion is helping to enlighten others on the importance of balanced spiritual & material lives, as well as reconnecting all the parts of the self.

Where can we find you? I would like to think I can be found in this moment!


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