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Saturday Stories

Featured Female

Meet: Paulette Legred

Where is your Hometown? Bricelyn, MN

Favorite Movie: TOP GUN, anything with Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts

Favorite Song: One Moment in Time, Whitney Houston

Favorite Book: Jesus Christ CEO, (business) and Thorn Birds

What’s your sign? Cancer

Favorite place on earth? on the water

What inspires you? People who give their all.


I’m a career hairdresser and farm girl. I’ve owned my own salon and traveled the USA and Canada as a guest artist for Matrix. I’ve worked in many facets of the industry as educator, distributor salesperson and brand representative for Brocato. I founded Lis’n Farm to Fashion ™ Hair and Body care in 2017 with 5 products, the key active ingredients are naturally farm derived. Lis’n is now has 11 products, soon to be 13, and is in 10 states. I'm married to my high school sweetheart & still live on the farm. We have 2 children, and 7 grandchildren.

Where can we find you?




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