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Meet: Sadie

in the process of learning how to tattoo.

Where is your Hometown?

I'm based in Monrovia, CA

with a mobile setup.

Favorite movie/song/book?

I'm very inspired by the illustration style of John Tenniel, known best for his original illustrations for Alice in Wonderland + Through the Looking Glass which are amongst my favorite books.

What’s your sign?

My "big three" is Cancer - Taurus - Scorpio but I'm not sure what it means, Haha

Favorite place on earth?

My bed with Dog! Haha


I've always been fascinated and interested in tattoos, constantly drawing on myself all through primary school. I even made a "flash book" when I was 11 with different design options for people to shop from, and I would regularly volunteer to do face painting at events. I went to school for a BFA in Graphic Design and worked as a designer for 9 years. This past December, I decided to finally learn how to tattoo, practicing just about every day on fake skin, fruit, lighters, then finally my own leg (unicorn with wings!). My friends have been so incredibly supportive throughout my journey! Once I got my training in Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control, I felt ready to take on my first clients. I'm still learning, so I feel so grateful to every person who has reached out for a tattoo from me! It's such a gift. Learning to tattoo was supposed to just be a way to help me to feel excited about making art and it's become so much more. I'm going to keep pushing and see where it takes me.

Where can we find you?

Follow @sadiespotaties to see more of my journey and feel free to reach out!

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