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Meet: Desiree Estrada

Where is your Hometown? Ontario, CA

Favorite movie/song/book?

Movie - Halloween and everything HORROR or THRILLER

Song - Policy of Truth (Depeche Mode) - dates back to my HS days and something I've adopted as a life motto.

What’s your sign? - Scorpio (Oct 25)

Favorite place on earth? My bed (anywhere it may be)

What inspires you? My two daughters, Aiyanna (15) and Leanna (9), and my husband of 30 years.


I am a native Hispanic to Southern California and the first generation of family members to obtain a higher education. I have Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and built a career working in a corporate environment for over 25 years. Once I became a mother, I want to share my knowledge and experiences with my daughters as best I can during the time I am here.

I started our "side" business as a creative outlet to share with them and I also find it as a type of "therapy" for myself. I always enjoyed drawing, painting, and working with my hands. Learning how things worked and were constructed always fascinated me growing up. Our business creates a safe space for them to grow and learn the fundamentals of running a business. To be able to take someone's idea and creating a product from it. In our apron business this is exactly what we do.

Your Vice - Your Style is our tag line. It means whatever your idea is we can make it happen. Your idea is a representation of you - who you are, what you like, whether it be skulls, flowers, or skulls and flowers we can craft something for you. I also started making "aprons" because of the misrepresentation society has placed on them. We use our Social Media platform to share "fun facts" about the history of aprons and the benefits of wearing them.

Where can we find you?

Instagram - @voodookisz_ont

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