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Meet:  Alison Eliel Kalmus

Where is your Hometown? 

Born in San Antonio, Tx. Lived in many places on multiple continents (Father was a Strategic Command Air Force and later Pan Am Pilot)

Favorite movie/song/book? 

Depends on the day for all.

What’s your sign? Cancer

Favorite place on earth? Home & Classroom 

What inspires you? Children, Books, Art, Music, Theater, History, Travel and Passionate Creatives.


A “Military Brat,” I came home to Pasadena in 7 th Grade after attending 6 elementary schools in U.K. and U.S.

Went to UCSB majored in English. Worked in Consumer Based Market Research Communications Management where I met my husband (David). Had one child, helped raise two more from David’s previous marriage. Throughout school loved to perform (Singing, Acting, Dance, Cheer). Quite by chance fell into professional performance, directing & producing – Theater, Music, Comedy (In-House Improv @The Ice House Comedy Club),

Opera and Repertory Shakespeare. As a member of The Knightsbridge Repertory, helped direct some plays with child actors. Asked to design, in collaboration with Pasadena Polytechnic School, a non-profit acting curriculum for Elementary Learners (Noteworthy Learning). Taught it throughout LA inner-city schools, for Special Needs, Private and GATE students. In 2001 Sierra Madre Playhouse was about to go under when Board Member, Roxanne

Barker, brought me in to help save the theater and I have been teaching there ever since. I also tutor English,

Social Studies, History and H.S. Biology for Elementary to College as well as Diplomatic/International students for Grade Potential, Inc.

Where can we find you? Onstage at the Sierra Madre Playhouse, Kudos School for Speech & Debate (San Marino),

traveling nationally and internationally to visit family and friends.



Instagram @aktheater



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