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Meet: Allie Moss

Where is your hometown?

Running Springs, CA

Favorite movie: Moulin Rouge

Favorite book: The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

What's your sign?

Sun-Aquarius, Rising-Libra, Moon-Scorpio

Favorite place on earth?

Any beautiful spot out in nature

What inspires you?

Random acts of kindness and those who are in tune with their higher selves


I'm a mountain girl who ended up in the big city (LA) to pursue my creative passions. My background is in education, as a bilingual teacher. I now work in the entertainment field, primarily doing impersonator, acting, and pin up girl type work. I am passionate about anything spiritual, sound baths being my latest obsession. I'm grateful every day to be surrounded by incredible friends and family. What I have most learned in this lifetime is that "The world is not here to make us happy, it's here to make us conscious".-Ekhart Tolle

Where can we find you?

Agencies: Mrs.Bella's Dolls and Tribute Productions


Instagram: @misssalliecat @thepinupdiva


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