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Saturday Story

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Featured Female

Meet: Denise Bella Vlasis

Where is your Hometown? Laguna Beach CA

Favorite movie/song/book?

Favorite movie (one of them) Big Fish

Favorite song; AS by Stevie Wonder

Favorite book; Spiritual Growth Sanaya Roman

What’s your sign? Aries/Gemini rising/Aquarius moon

Favorite place on earth? Where ever I am, especially if my daughter is with me, under the trees, at the ocean, creating.

What inspires you? People who take a stand for what they believe, writers who can paint beautiful pictures with their words, my daughter, my mother, women standing in their power, music, dance, creation, life

BIO/STORY~ hmm gosh where to start; I am a woman who has lived a creative life, never listened to the “odds or statistics” and carved out my own truth. I am blessed beyond words to have an amazing husband and life inspiring daughter who has changed my entire existence with her beautiful being.

I performed my entire life which lead me down a path to become a Madonna impersonator which lead to a plethora of other opportunities. I am the author of 2 celebrity lookalike HOW TO books. I run my own agency and continue to create joy and fantasy for people while also providing work opportunities to the people I love. I wake up each day with absolute gratitude in my heart to be here on earth and share my life experiences with other like minds. And I hope to continue to unfold and rediscover who I am in every moment.

Where can we find you?

Website; is my company. Also and

Facebook; TributeProductions, Madonnadouble, Mrs. Bella’s Dolls,

Instagram; TributeProductions, BellaVlasis, Madonnadouble, TheLookalikeLady, MrsBellasDolls

Any other social media accounts; twitter and tiktok all same names as above