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Meet: Karel:

Where is your Hometown? San Gabriel, CA

Favorite movie/song/book? The Nightmare Before Christmas/Tim Burton in general, Fried Green Tomatoes, I can’t choose just one.

What’s your sign? Virgo

Favorite place on earth? Venezia, Italia

What inspires you? I’ve always loved the creative process. You start with an idea which may often evolve into something you weren’t planning on. Since childhood I’ve wanted to have something different from the mainstream and was never a big fan of what others considered

“safe” creatively. When I joined the Planner Community in 2019 my passion for creativity took on an added purpose, personal organization, a different type of creativity, and my passion for women supporting women. The amazing women in this community inspire me everyday through their kindness and creativity. Watch for my coming series about the Planning Community.


By day I work in Academia and at night I create handmade jewelry and planner accessories for my Etsy shop. I’m a fur mom to my 20 year old Flamepoint Siamese Bijoux Dahlia. My favorite artist is Salvador Dali (surrealism) and I had the opportunity to visit his museums in Florida and Spain. I’m a rocker chick at heart who loves glam, leopard print, and badassery in general. My favorite female celebrities/artists are Iris Apfel, Betsy Johnson, Frida Kahlo, and Joan Jett.

Where can we find you?



Instagram; Moonlit.Madness.Jewelry

Any other social media accounts; Tiktok Glamr.grrl

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