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Meet : Leah Heinz (Lady Manipura)

Where is your Hometown? Glenside PA

Favorite movie/song/book? Beauty and the beast, lord of the rings movies. The hobbit and the trilogy books

What’s your sign? Sagittarius

Favorite place on earth? Conques, France.

What inspires you? Passionate, driven people. Seeing how much insanely creative artwork is out there. Being on the open road.


As someone who traditionally delves deep into their passions, I found the art of wire to be no different. I started working with wire in May of 2013. My love for gemstones was clear, as I learned how to manipulate different gauges and varieties of silver, non-tarnish copper and 14k gold fill, to create the perfect housing for them.

I offer commission based work. As the client, you will have a variety of stones to choose from, paired with the style of wire you prefer.

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