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Saturday Story

Featured Female

Meet: R. Sabin Parsi

Where is your Hometown? San Dimas ca

Favorite movie/song/book?

Movie; Gone with the wind,

Song; Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

Book; anything self help

What’s your sign? Taurus with Sagittarius rising and my moon in Capricorn

Favorite place on earth?

I have not been to many places yet ...Nature away from the busy life

What inspires you?

watching my children grow and how I can work at being a better person and mom


I am the oldest of 4 children, mom of 3 children.

I love for life and people. I am a cosmetologist, and integrated healing practitioner.

I started my awakening 24 years ago, some years I move fast and other I move slow with growth. I was born to a teen mom and we grew up together, with all the emotions of being a teen. Seeing the family patterns, my mom was the first one in 6 generations to break some of the cycles. With her inspiration I wanted to do the same. There have been many different kinds of abusive situations in my life. With understanding the situations and growing and learning from them. I found the light with in me that I need to heal. With the love and support all around me, I find the strength daily to keep moving forward on my own fierce independence path in this life.

I am a beautiful work In progress

Where can we find you?

Everything is here

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